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In 2016, The Golden Paste Company founder, Janine Kell, contacted Will & Chris I’Anson, Shareholders and Directors of the parent company I’Anson Brothers Ltd (www.i’ Janine and her husband Darren had set up a business in their kitchen producing turmeric-based Golden Paste, a generic turmeric based recipe.

Having seen the amazing benefits of turmeric first hand with her family’s use, it led her to think that there may well be a use in equine diets or indeed demand to develop a turmeric supplement for horses. Janine consulted with the Turmeric User Group and Dr Doug English, a respected Australian Vet who has had great success with the use of turmeric.

Janine then started making Golden Paste and feeding it to her own horse. What she really wanted to produce was a pelleted form of the product, but given it was a paste it wasn’t a viable proposition for her and at the time or for I’Anson Brothers Ltd (pelleting specialists) to upscale.

However, they both kept in touch, and Janine came back to Will for help and advice as she researched and started producing the 1st generation of the pellet. The business began to grow and as it was starting to attract horse owners; the small quantity of pellets they were producing was not enough to keep up with orders, so she needed help and significant investment to take the business to the next level.

Will and Chris agreed it was worthwhile backing The Golden Paste Company and in September 2017 they got fully involved. With a wealth of experience from developing brands for British Horse Feeds, they branded and protected the intellectual property of the business, and set to developing the company and its products. Combined with additional in house technical and nutritional know how, TurmerAid, the 3rd generation pellet was invented and branded in October 2017 and officially launched at the BETA International show to the trade in January 2018. 

As the business has developed and grown to a national and soon to be international business, Janine Kell decided to sell her remaining stake to I ‘Anson’s and return to her marketing business and looking after her young family.

The pet paste range has been extended to dogs through turmeric sausage slices (TurmerEase) designed to dose optimum levels of the supplement. Aimed at joint health this is a growing part of the business with the emerging market. The company also offers human paste and supplements and is a market currently targeted for future growth.

The I’Anson philosophy of quality is always put first. Only effective products are released, and they always research and trial potential new products and formulations prior to release to the general public.

NOPS, UFAS, HACCP and BRC regulations ensure the highest standards are met from our own and manufacturing partners and all facilities meet the relevant standards for all products. Raw materials are ethically sourced and recyclable packaging is encouraged at all stages of the chain.

You may have heard of the benefits of Turmeric for your dog. If you haven’t, then here are all the amazing benefits of this colorful spice:

It’s a powerful antioxidant;
It’s a natural and effective anti-inflammatory;
It can help prevent and even treat cancer;
It protects the liver from toxins;
And much more!


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