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Doug's Delights is in memory of my gorgeous boy Douglas who sadly left us on 22 February 2016 aged 14 years and 4 months.   

Doug's Delights are 100% Natural Treats paw picked by him and the rest of my gang.  They have tried everything and they have all gone down very well.  They are sure that all of their doggie friends will enjoy them and their Mums & Dads can rest assured that all of Doug's Delights are 100% natural and healthy!!

We have dried Rabbit Ears, dried Chicken Wings, dried Chicken Necks, Goose Necks, Dried Lambs Feet, Porky Bites, Chicken Feet, Veal Strips, Gourmet Sausages and lots and lots more!!

A note from Douglas - Please do not leave your dog unattended whilst they are eating these and always provide plenty of fresh drinking water.


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