Frequently Asked Questions

Can a raw diet be fed to any dog?
Yes, it can.  However, some medical conditions may need monitoring more closely - although no more so than with any other feed.

Raw feeding seems very complicated compare to processed ?
Raw feeding is no more difficult. There are nutritionally balanced complete raw feeds for those starting out. As you become more confident you can move to DIY Raw feeding if you wish. 

Aren’t raw bone dangerous for dogs?
No they are not. Dogs have the correct heads and dentition along with digestive systems to chew and digest bone very easily.  Chicken wings, duck wings, chicken necks, turkey necks, lamb ribs etc are all very good for dogs BUT ALWAYS GIVEN RAW.  Never give your dog cooked bones as the cooking process makes them weak/brittle and prone to splinter.

My vet says raw diets are bad for dogs and I should stick with processed food.
Vets are not nutritionist and are often misinformed. Vets are subject to the same blanket advertising and sales pitches from processed food manufactures as the buying public. The media is a very powerful tool!

Can I mix processed and raw together?
No processed food moves through the digestive system much slower than raw feed.  Dogs evolved to eat meat and bones, high stomach acidity breaks down bone content and bacteria quickly.  If you feed kibble and raw, the kibble slows down the digestion of raw and allows the possibility of bacteria to flourish. Raw fed dogs are not prone to any higher risks of bacteria as their stomachs are much more acidic (bacteria can't survive) processed food interferes with the digestion of raw.

What difference can I expect to see?
Firstly your dog will be enjoying the biologically appropriate food he was designed for.  He will be healthier, happier and more balanced.  Raw fed dogs utilise most of their feed, this results in much smaller and firmer bowel movements which are often odourless.  Raw fed dogs drink less, this is because the high moisture content of raw feed hydrates them.  Water should always be available but you will notice a marked decrease in intake.

Why is my dog refusing to eat raw dog food?

If your dog is new to raw, it's perfectly understandable that a dog who has eaten processed food all of its life will be a bit confused at what is now being fed/offered.  If however your dog is already established on a raw diet and is behaving perfectly normally in every other way, your pet is most likely having a self-induced fast!  Obviously if your pet appears to be acting ‘out of the ordinary’ seek medical advice by calling or visiting your Vet.

Why does my pet seem hungry all the time?

Remember that commercially prepared pet food and kibble/dry pet foods are full of fillers which expand with moisture.  The bloated kibble/dry feeling does not exist with a raw dog food diet so it will take time for your dog or cat to adjust to this new feeling of not being ‘stuffed’ after every meal!