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Before anything else, if your dog has any health issues please talk to a vet or pet nutritionist before embarking on your RAW feeding journey.  The sole reason for this is to make sure the food is adjusted to take into consideration anything specifically needed for their individual dietary needs, e.g. low fat, food allergies or medication.  Most health issues do improve with this way of feeding but it is wise to take current health issues in to consideration.

Read our guide to Starting your pet on RAW Food which will explain a method to introduce your pet to a fully balanced RAW pet food diet over an initial 10 day period.  We recommend this method but many just 'launch in' and many dogs accept that without problem.

Don't be alarmed if your pet at first rejects the RAW food - remember they could have become addicted to the additives and artificial flavours of their previous commercial pet food - just like we do to junk food!  It is more usual to see them just gobble everything up without thinking too much!

Remember the three most important rules that you are aiming to achieve - Variety, with balance over time and calcium.