Customers comments ....

Here are just a few of the comments from the RawtoPaw customers ..................

1 October 2016 - Thaea and Loki "the Cocker Spaniel" write - so pleased with the second batch of Landywoods Raw Dog Food I ordered from Derryn at Raw to Paw.  My Cocker Spaniel, Loki cannot get enough of the stuff!!  Having tried the other few raw dog foods available on sland, I find the Landywoods complete dinners the best quality.  It's real mince meat and not a sloppy pate like others, plus it has only a few plain and simple ingredients - no weird things I've never heard of before!! The best bit yet is the price, I managed to save nearly £5 each month on the Landywoods compared to another make so it's a definite winner for me.  Anyone interested in raw feeding should definitely check it out!!

4 June 2016 - Lisa owns three lovely boys Merfyn, Fergus and Jake.  Lisa recently took her boys to the vet and the vet comment on how well all three of the boys were looking.  Merfyn had lost his podge, Fergus had gained the weight that he needed to after being a very picky eater and Jake had lost his flab too and is now a leaner version of his former self.  The vet couldn't fault how well the boys were looking and she could see the benefits of feeding a balanced RAW diet. 

14 May 2016 - Mrs Robinson owns a Labrador and has said "I couldn't believe how much my Lab now enjoys eating her dinners.  The oily fish and tripe is one of her favourites!!".

15 April 2016 - Michele owns two Boston Terriers and has said "The dogs love the new completes Derryn, will definitely be back for more"!!

9 April 2016 - Debbie owns two Alaskan Malamutes and a Whippet and has said "The Salmon jerky and seaweed treats went down an absolute treat with them all, highly recommended".!!

19 March 2016 - Thaea owns another gorgeous Cocker Spaniel "Loki" - "Loki absolutely loves the duck necks that we buy from you and the fish skin twists"!! 

13 February 2016 - Ginny owns a gorgeous Cocker Spaniel "Jaffa" - "Safe to say Jaffa LOVES his Dired Fish Treats, he hasn't left my side since I gave him one and keeps nudging me!!".

31 January 2016 - Natalia owns two German Shepherd Dogs - "Derryn - our boys absolutely adored their filled hooves!!