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At Akela Whole Prey we believe that dogs deserve optimum nutrition. Our recipes have been developed with this as the sole focus, tailoring our nutrition to the pinnacle needs of military dogs, police dogs, sheepdogs and guard dogs for the benefit of all.

Understanding what makes the best dog food recipe involves a quick history lesson.  Over millions of years, the canine species has evolved to hunt and eat prey. With sharp canine teeth (the clue's in the name!), high frequency hearing and a short digestive tract, modern dogs share over 98% of their DNA with their grey wolf ancestors.  

Man may have domesticated his dogs but their natural instinct won't be suppressed for long when you put a bowl of Akela 80:20 grain-free biscuit in front of them! Whilst sticking to the appropriate natural ingredients ratio of 80% biological to 20% botanical, there has been no expense spared including freshly prepared ingredients such as chicken liver and free-range eggs.  It's no wonder that all Akela recipes are rated 5/5 stars by, independent review websites, AllAboutDogFood.co.uk and eDogAdvisor.co.uk and Vet approved.   Have a look here Akela 80:20 rated 5 out of 5 on All About Dog Food.


Here at Akela WholePrey we also believe that the welfare of all animals is particularly important.  That is why we have a policy of not conducting any invasive animal-testing whatsoever.  The only testing we conduct is feeding trials in the dogs' own homes i.e. taste preferences.  Our policy also extends to the provenance of the prey that goes into our foods; we also look for ethically-reared meats, supplied by UK farmers conforming to UK standards which usually surpass those in other countries.

RawtoPaw is the sole Guernsey distributor for the Akela range of products.

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Our complete dry dog food comes in 3 kibble sizes and 3 flavours. Our Original is a mix of Chicken, Turkey, Fish & Egg. Our Fish Feast is just mixed fish including Salmon, Herring, Trout, Tuna and Whitefish - perfect for those fish fans out there. Finally our Suffolk Duck is just Duck - and we are the only 80:20 food brand to offer this. This means we do not use Chicken Fat or Salmon oil etc in our Duck recipe. We also don't include any White Potato or Pea ingredients - meaning our Suffolk Duck is the ideal food to try for a lot of allergy prone dogs.

The three kibble sizes are all the same ingredients, so it just depends what size your dog prefers. The small paws is pretty tiny, so great for most puppies and toy/small breeds. The big paws is suitable for dogs from about 20-25kg upwards and medium paws suits anything inbetween.

Our food is single lifestage, which means that we do not make a puppy food, then take out the good stuff to make a cheap adult food, then put it back in for senior dogs. Instead dogs of all ages from weaning onwards can enjoy our kibble - just make sure you check out the feeding guide page as the quantities will change throughout your dogs life.

Feeding Guide please follow the link below on how much to feed your dog.



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